About APT

The mission of the Oklahoma Alliance for Public Transportation is:

T o expand and enhance public transportation services and pedestrian access to communities so that all Oklahomans have the freedom to travel where and when they want.

Open Streets

Known as the Oklahoma Alliance for Public Transportation, or APT, this grassroots coalition believes that a rising tide of transit funding lifts all boats: improved funding and one city will help nearby cities see the benefit as well.

Better statewide funding benefits all systems and all types of transit. Senior van service, commuter express buses, para-transit services, and tourist trolleys are just a few examples of public transit.

The Oklahoma Alliance for Public Transportation aims to give voice to a variety of people in businesses, organizations, faith-based groups, public agencies, and ordinary citizens that all share a common desire for improved mobility and transportation choice throughout Oklahoma.

The benefits of public transportation are diverse, including greater personal independence, improved employment opportunities, enhanced economic development opportunities in the community, savings on household expenses, and a cleaner environment.

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